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goLaTeX forum updated

Auch auf Deutsch / in German: In April I did a pretty big software update on, and added more features since then. What’s new? For example: The display is automatically adjusted, so it’s much better readable on smart … Continue reading

22. May 2020 by stefan
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Supporting users on

I’m on a carribbean cruise for three weeks and don’t have so much time as before for answering questions on Especially since I actually do work here, on improving the WiFi onboard the cruise ship. It would be great … Continue reading

03. May 2019 by stefan
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Förderung durch DANTE

DANTE, der Verein deutschsprachiger TeX-Anwender, fördert weiterhin TeX-Webseiten wie TeX-Internetforen und mehr. Installiert und betreut werden zwei Server von mir. Die finanzielle Unterstützung von DANTE deckt den kompletten Betrieb zweier Server ab, von Hardware-Miete und Gigabit-Internet-Anbindung bis hin zu Backup-Space … Continue reading

15. September 2018 by stefan
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The TeX on-line documentation service got an update: it’s now based on the newest documentation coming with TeX Live 2016. At this occasion it moved to a new web server. In the background, runs the texdoc application that … Continue reading

17. August 2016 by stefan
Categories: Online Ressources, Tools for LaTeX | Leave a comment got a new interface

Today, shines in new splendor. It’s a project of Paulo Cereda and me. While I maintain the web server and the TeX installation, he contributes layout and programming for the interface. Today Paulo provided a completely new version. Together … Continue reading

11. February 2015 by stefan
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Matheplanet Award

These days, the voting phase of the Matheplanet Member Award ended. Among the 15 categories, there’s an award for the best LaTeX advisor.

27. January 2015 by stefan
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News from goLaTeX

The web site and forum moved to a new server, which is maintained by me. Johannes already wrote about it on (Neuigkeiten bei goLaTeX), and I posted the news here: Server-Umzug. The appearance stays the same but with improvements:

19. January 2015 by stefan
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writeLaTeX is now Overleaf

The company behind the collaborative writing and publishing system, Writelatex Limited, decided to rebrand. From now on, the system will carry the name Overleaf. It continues as a free service with additional advanced features for paid subscriptions. Existing projects, files and … Continue reading

26. December 2014 by stefan
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A new community TeX blog

Again some quiet weeks on my blog. If some people would blog together, there would be active blog life even if somebody would temporarily be too busy with other things. So I liked Patricks idea very much, to set up … Continue reading

30. May 2013 by stefan
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TeX news and articles

It has been a bit quiet here for some weeks. I got a son in February, when my little daugher was not much more than 1 year old, both keep us pretty busy at home. So after my full time … Continue reading

01. April 2013 by stefan
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