About TeXblog

This blog is intended to inform about TeX-related news, to collect useful information about TeX and LaTeX and to list solutions found for often occuring or interesting problems.
Further it focuses on TeX support by operating systems with special attention to the well developed and freely available Ubuntu Linux.

It started in June 2008.
Stefan Kottwitz
About the author:

Stefan Kottwitz is maintainer of the LaTeX Community ForumTeXdoc.netTeXample.net and of PGFPlots.net, of the UK TeX FAQ server, the French forum TeXnique.fr, and of the German sites TeXwelt.degoLaTeX.de and TikZ.de. He is moderator on TeX StackExchange, and on two German math sites and regular writer in other math, chemistry, TeX and Unix forums listed here.

At the moment he is working as Network Engineer for an airline.


Contact:     stefan @ texblog.net

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  1. We have been working on moving all our content to a new web page, with the Zeeba.tv brand. The move happened quicker than we thought! So could I ask you to modify all links to our site in the following way:





    Please go ahead and do this asap, to avoid people going to the old page. I would have kept the old page going but due to unforeseen circumstances I have to keep one or the other.

    Thanks, and sorry about the short notice!!


  2. Lieber TeXler,
    du hast gepostet:
    “mit Linux Libertine O statt Minion Pro ist der Punkt auch da…”
    Du verwendest also Linux Libertine O mit mathematischen Zeichen. Sei bitte so nett und schick mir deinen Header, indem Libertine mit mathematischen Zeichen kombiniert ist.

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