writeLaTeX is now Overleaf

The company behind the collaborative writing and publishing system writeLaTeX.com, Writelatex Limited, decided to rebrand. From now on, the system will carry the name Overleaf.

It continues as a free service with additional advanced features for paid subscriptions. Existing projects, files and links will remain fully accessible, even though a major upgrade is planned for 2015. We can expect faster rendering and higher quality of the real-time preview.

Changing the name is often a challenge. They chose a rather quite time of the year, so it won’t affect users much. More of a risk may be dropping a popular name and needing to establish a new brand, but the advantages seem to outweigh the disadvantages. Specifically, the rich text mode may hide to occasional co-authors that there’s LaTeX under the hood: like in LyX there’s a WYSIWYM mode which makes editing possible for users without LaTeX knowledge. So it’s just consequent to omit LaTeX also in the service name.

You can read the official announcement here: WriteLaTeX is continued Overleaf.

26. December 2014 by stefan
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