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The web site and forum moved to a new server, which is maintained by me. Johannes already wrote about it on (Neuigkeiten bei goLaTeX), and I posted the news here: Server-Umzug.

The appearance stays the same but with improvements:


  • All advertisements have been removed
  • Cleaner look and faster loading
  • One-click-opening of code in online LaTeX editor (Overleaf aka writeLaTeX)
  • Buttons and bbCode shortcuts for
    • Typewriter Markup of inline code
    • Adding CTAN package links
    • Linking to documentation
    • Link to MWE explanation
  • Adding attachments has been fixed
  • Image attachments can now be directly embedded via IMG button or bbCode

An update to a newer version of the same forum software is planned, but requires time for testing and reimplementing existing customizations.

Being a classic discussion forum, it is different to the straight Q&A approach of TeXwelt. While the latter is very focused and efficient, a discussion forum is still a meaningful support way, such as for beginners and bachelor thesis writers with complex challenges.

We may think of migration paths between goLaTeX forum and TeXwelt Q&A site depending on content and user wish, also taking revised fundamental content of both over to the goLaTeX wiki. Not to forget discussing unsolved issues in English in the LaTeX-Community forum. Further ideas are connecting user profiles across sites in some way if desired, having stats across sites, combined RSS feeds for new topics, and overall searching, tagging and index browsing.

For now, I hope that the quickly implemented improvements already add fun to the forum life.

19. January 2015 by stefan
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