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The TeX on-line documentation service TeXdoc.net got an update: it’s now based on the newest documentation coming with TeX Live 2016. At this occasion it moved to a new web server.

In the background, TeXdoc.net runs the texdoc application that comes with TeX Live. The front-end runs with Apache on Debian Linux, using the dwoo PHP5 template engine. The content gets updates via a script. Recently, the step to TL ’16 was delayed, as it should happen on the new server.

So, for example, there are the manuals of the brand-new TikZ 3.0.1a and pgfplots 1.14.

You can browse documentation by topics, or simply type into a search field. Auto-completion will offer suggestions:


OpenSearch is supported: when you are on the TeXdoc.net web site, you can add it to your search engines, such as here on Firefox:


You can view documentation on your own computer, just typing texdoc <keyword> on the command line. Just to mention that – an experienced TeX user knows that, while a new user sometimes did not yet use the command line mode.

What is the purpose of TeXdoc.net?

  • You can read TeX documentation even without having TeX installed.
  • You can access TeX documentation on tablets and mobile phones too, in addition to PCs or laptops.
  • Even if an older TeX is installed, you can get the newest documentation on the Web.
  • You can read a package manual before you install it.
  • The standardized link syntax http://texdoc.net/pkg/<packagename> is easy to remember.
  • Forums, such as LaTeX-Community.org and goLaTeX.de have buttons and BBCode tags for linking keywords (package names) to the corresponding documentation – saying RTFM is made easier ;-) of course meant in a friendly way. Whenever you mention a package or want to point to its manual, it’s as easy as a mouse click.

The last point lead to the idea to start this service, adding value and easiness to thousands of forum posts.

17. August 2016 by stefan
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