Creating lists

Packages useful for creation and customization of table of contents, lists of figures, bibliographies etc.

Table of contents, list of figures, list of tables:

  • tocloft – comfortable design of those lists, allowing definition of further lists
  • titletoc – customization of toc entries, features for toc, lot, lof additionally to titlesec
  • minitoc – small tocs for chapters, parts or sections
  • tocbibind – automatical insertion of bibliography, index etc. into the toc, not necessary with KOMA classes


  • makeidx – standard LaTeX package for creation of indexes
  • index – enhanced indexes, multiple indexes and more improvements

External programs:

  • makeidx – general index generator, flexible input and output, sorting
  • xindy – alternative index program, internationalization, modular configuration, markup customization, user defined references and more

Glossaries, nomenclature, lists of acronyms:

  • glossaries – glossary, supporting multiple glossaries, lists of acronyms, superseding the glossary package
  • nomencl – lists of symbols, nomenclatur
  • acronym – comfortable handling of acronyms
  • glosstex – provides features like acronym and nomencl and more


  • BibTeX – powerful program for generation of bibliographies
  • tamethebeast – manual for bibliographies and BibTeX
  • cite – improved citation
  • natbib – author/year citations
  • din1505 – styles for german texts

Parts of this lists were translated and used here for the goLaTeX wiki.

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