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Matheplanet Award

These days, the voting phase of the Matheplanet Member Award ended. Among the 15 categories, there’s an award for the best LaTeX advisor.

27. January 2015 by stefan
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Periodically, more or less

Recently I got my hands on the sine function, again. It’s the classic example for a periodic function. Everybody knows that horizontal wave in the cartesian coordinate system. Starting with a polar plot of a complex sine function in two … Continue reading

01. August 2014 by stefan
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Dynamic systems, bifurcations, procedural worlds

I’m using pgfplots a lot, so I will share some examples today. Here, I benefit from these features of pgfplots, going beyond base TikZ: Simple plotting with 3d coordinates and axonometric projection Presentation of required coordinate axes Using color gradients … Continue reading

08. July 2014 by stefan
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Iterated fractals

I recently dealt with  Iterated function systems , in short IFS. Here we got repeated transformations: the space will be mapped onto itself. There can be different map specifications. We do this an infinite number of times and take a … Continue reading

07. July 2014 by stefan
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Springer recommends eqnarray

I just read on, that the publisher Springer still recommends to use eqnarray. I could not believe that, so I went to Book Manuscript Guidelines, choose Manuscript Preparation in LaTeX and downloaded, which contains the Springer class for … Continue reading

06. April 2012 by stefan
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LaTeX-Award on

Today has celebrated its annual awards for the 8th time. Members of the forum were honored for their contributions during the last year, 260 members have voted this time. There were many categories, from mathematics and physics to LaTeX … Continue reading

25. January 2010 by stefan
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Inline math: $…$ vs. (…)

l2tabu, a text informing about obsolete packages and commands, recommends to replace $$…$$ by [...], but it doesn’t say a word about the difference between $…$ and (…). “Mathmode” by H. Voss does tell something, but it says in v2.40: … Continue reading

03. April 2009 by stefan
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TikZ: Commutative diagrams with crossing edges

When one edge of a graph passes over or under another edge there may be a small gap needed in the drawing of one of those edges. An easy trick is to draw the upper edge two times: first with … Continue reading

07. January 2009 by stefan
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An extension to amsmath matrix environments

Inspired by a question on and remembering the cases redefinition I’ve shown some days ago I got the idea to extend the internal macro \env@matrix of amsmath.sty. I wanted to use the matrix environments together with array features like … Continue reading

30. September 2008 by stefan
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amsmath: cases and \arraystretch

The amsmath cases environment is using the array environment internally, like its matrix environments. If you want to change the interline spacing of matrices you could redefine \arraystretch, like for any array environment. But it won’t work for cases – … Continue reading

24. September 2008 by stefan
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