LaTeX ebooks for $5

Also this year, Packt Publishing sells ebooks for just $5 each, during some days. This includes my two LaTeX books:

LaTeX Cookbook cover

  • The LaTeX Beginner’s Guide
    An introduction. As it was my first book, I did not have the power at that time to prevent that they used bitmap images instead of PDF images :-o but enjoy anyway. It’s $5 now, so what. :-)

The links lead you to the book page at Packt publishing with description and sample chapter.

I have a day job so I’m not interested in earning money by books, so I’m happy if readers can get them for cheap and publishers learn about LaTeX demands, so they may request another book! I get 16% of the book sales, let me quickly calculate – $0.80 per ebook. So if some LaTeX friends take this opportunity, the royalties will sum up so I can buy some book too. :-D Just to mention that: writing a book means often just doing it for fun, not for money.

17. December 2019 by stefan
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