Becoming a TUG member becomes easier

Good news for 2017!

Students, seniors and TeX friends from countries with modest economies can become TeX Users Group members for an annual rate of just $15 - for an electronic membership, early bird until March 31, 2017. This means full membership, so the TUGboat journal and TeX software are online available to you, instead of getting it on paper or DVD. Saves money and is good for our environment. :-)

Join us, plant the flag, elect our president, visit our conferences! If you look for a way to support TeX, that’s a great one!

A regular early electronic membership is $45, hopefully still affordable. Non-electronic late bird ;-) regular membership stays the same as last year.

By joining now, you can directly be part of and support the TUG TeX activities. You know,

  • Maintaining and developing the TeX Live distribution, that is also the base of MacTeX
  • Yearly international TeX conferences
  • The TUGboat journal
  • Supporting projects, such as LaTeX3, CTAN, LuaTeX and MetaPost and font creation

Let me know what you think! I love comments here.

It’s all up to us. Want to join in 2017? Link:


01. January 2017 by stefan
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  1. Pray check your email of TeXblog.
    I’m a Chinese student, a TeX fan and I want to translate LaTeX Beginner’s Guide into Chinese. If you agree to do that, my friend and I will translate it and publish it soon.

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