Drawing a stemma with TikZ

Maïeul Rouquette has published an article on LaTeX-Community.org: Stemma with TikZ. It is an English translation of his three French blog articles about that topic.

A stemma codicum is a “family tree” of different manuscripts of a same text, see Stemmatics (Wikipedia). The article explains how to draw such a tree, which is also a method for constructing TikZ trees in general:

  • For simple trees, use nodes, edges and children with the TikZ tree syntax
  • For complex trees, you can go through these steps:
    1. Place the nodes, using coordinates or relatiive positioning, and give them names
    2. Apply styles for the nodes, choose or define your own styles for this
    3. Connect nodes by lines or arrows such as by draw[->] (node1) — (node2);
Stemma with Tikz

Once you have created such a tree, you could easily use this as a template for further trees, if you don’t like to go through such a construction process each time. Though some things seem to be complicated with TikZ, it’s easy to re-use and to adjust for similar drawings. For this, the TikZ example gallery can give good start code. It also provides some examples for TikZ trees.

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