TeXworks needs testers

Stefan Löffler wrote to the TeXworks mailing list, that helping participants are needed for trying the latest TeXworks 0.5 r979. This is for preparing the release of version 0.4.4, which is expected to come mid-April, for the inclusion in TeX Live 2012. Recent Windows and Ubuntu builds are available, a Mac build is planned to be provided very soon.

Especially changed features need testing, such as

  • The rewritten log parser
  • Search & replace (such as multi-line copy-to-search/replace)
  • Check if the problems with the disappearing lines still exist
  • Reproducing the crash of TeXworks when pressing the return key at the beginning of a wrapped line. Did you ever notice it?

If you would like to help, download the latest build and test it, and send your test results to Stefan or to the TeXworks mailing list.

29. March 2012 by stefan
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  1. I’d not noticed the multi-line copy-to-search: it’s great :-)

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