Used fonts in pdf files

Sometimes it may be useful to examine the fonts actually used by a pdf file, even when it’s self-produced, for instance when the font quality is too low. That can be caused for instance when using Computer Modern fonts if T1 font encoding is required but only OT1 encoded fonts are installed. Or you look at a beautifully typeset document and ask yourself what fonts may be used.
With the Adobe Reader it may be possible to find the font names by the Menu: File/ Document properties, but there exists another small tool: pdffonts.

pdffonts belongs to the open source Xpdf package, see Xpdf homepage. It does not need X, it’s just a command line tool. For further information type man pdffonts (online manpage).

The simplest usage is just: pdffonts filename.pdf

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04. June 2008 by stefan
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