New packages and updates on CTAN in September

New packages on CTAN in September 2009:

  • latex-make – tools to simplify the compilation of LaTeX documents
  • rangen – generation of random integers, rational numbers and decimal numbers
  • eqexam – a LaTeX package for writing exams, tests, quizzes,
    homework assignments, etc. Though it’s a stand alone package it’s integrated with the AcroTeX eDucation Bundle.
  • chklref – automatically find unused labels in LaTeX documents
  • widetable – like tabularx but typesets tables of specified width by adjusting the inter column glue
  • pst-abspos – a PSTricks related package providing a macro pstPutAbs(x,y) to put any object on absolute or relative coordinates of a page
  • cachepic – simplifying and automating conversion of document fragments into external EPS or PDF files
  • mailmerge – provides an interface to generate text from a template where fields are replaced by actual data
  • texdiff – compares two (La)TeX documents in order to create a merged version showing changes
  • bracketkey – LaTeX class for producing bracketed identification keys
  • drv – a set of MetaPost macros for typesetting derivation trees
  • trimspaces – trim spaces around an argument or macro
  • csv2latex – a Ruby script and Applescript combination allowing cut-and-paste of spreadsheet tables (e.g., from Excel, Open Office Calc, iWork Numbers, etc.) into a LaTeX file in various popular LaTeX table formats: plain tables, booktabs, longtable and raw cells
  • memdesign – notes on book design, derived from the first part of the memoir users manual
  • DoX – extensions to the doc package

Updates in August:

boolexpr, tex-gyre, lm, mfpic, FiXme, mathspec, epstopdf, ctantools, tablor, dox, Asymptote, bclogo, notes2bib, mattens, cachepic, cleveref, luamplib, luaotfload, luainputenc, luatextra, glossaries, BaKoMa, etextools, csquotes, expl3, pdfcomment, memoir, siunitx, biblatex, PerlTeX, biblatex-apa, zhmetrics, autolatex, linguex, biblatex-chem, umthesis, trimspaces, ctable, pdfbook, footmisc, version, mk, vpp, answers, prerex, biblatex-chem, xeCJK, cwpuzzle, ctex, l2tabu, ifplatform, sam2p, latex2e-help-texinfo, Context, collref, oberdiek bundle, tablenotes, xpackages, xltxtra, softmaker-freefont, epspdfconversion, achemso, listings-ext. For package-specific information visit the package folder on CTAN.

30. September 2009 by stefan
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  1. Is there a package that resembles to csv2latex for windows texnic centre users ?
    It seems to me that this package is dedicated to texshop users wich is sadly only for mac users.

  2. The csvtools package does a similar job, further the datatools package that supersedes csvtools and consists of 5 packages.


  3. The datatool package is great, but it provides a very different functionality from csv2latex, which is a tool for simply cutting and pasting between spreadsheet docs and latex source docs. If someone wanted to do the work, the Ruby script in csv2latex could probably be modified to use the cygwin getclip/putclip utilities. I know nothing about Windows, so I’m not up for the task.


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