New packages and updates on CTAN in August

New packages on CTAN in August 2009:

  • tablenotes – package by Matthias Borck-Elsner for placing notes in tables and list them, like endnotes and footnotes
  • listings-ext – contains macros and a bash script that can be used to input parts of source code programs into a documentation, written by J. Hoffmann
  • threeparttablex – extends threeparttable bringing it to longtable, by Lars Madsen
  • font-change – macros for plain TeX written by Amit Raj Dhawan allowing to change the fonts (text and math) in a TeX document with only one statement
  • JFlap2TikZ – converts JFlap jff files representing a finite automaton, push down automaton, or Turing machine to a LaTeX file depicting the automaton graphically using TikZ, programmed by Andrew Mertz
  • suanpan – MetaPost macros for drawing Chinese and Japanese abaci by Denis Roegel
  • garrigues – Metapost macros for the reproduction of Garrigues’ Easter nomogram by Denis Roegel
  • spverbatim – provides a macro that is analogous to verb and an environment that is analogous to verbatim, but they allow LaTeX to break lines at space characters, developed by Scott Pakin
  • titlepic – package by Thomas ten Cate that supports placing a picture on the title page of a LaTeX document

Updates in August:

boolexpr, curves, pst-geo, MWCLS, dvisvgm, pst-math, pst-barcode, pst-3dplot, keycommand, algorithms, fontinst, tablor, biblatex-dw, Asymptote, Boisik, latexmk, cleveref, autolatex, GaPFilL, ctanify, gbrief-creator, thailatex, etextools, biblatex-chem, biblatex, siunitx, findhyph, luaotfload, bibhtml, dashrule, pkfix-helper, pict2e, achemso, xwatermark, expl3, lhfonts, xeCJK, tablists, softmaker-freefont, makecell, hyph-utf8, cellspace, floatrow, bidi, blindtext. For package-specific information visit the package folder on CTAN.

01. September 2009 by stefan
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