New packages and updates on CTAN in July

New packages on CTAN in July:

  • boolexpr – evaluation of boolean expressions in a purely expandable way
  • germkorr – changes kerning for german quotation marks, for instance brings some letters like T nearer to german quotes
  • fig4latex – simplifies management of figures in large projects by creating makefiles
  • mathgifg – LaTeX support for Microsoft Georgia and ITC Franklin Gothic in text and math
  • ltxnew – provides the new, renew and provide prefixes for checking definition of control sequences, designed to work with e-TeX
  • changelayout – an extension of the changepage package that can be used to change the layout of individual pages and their texts
  • keycommand – an eTeX/LaTeX package that provides a natural way to define commands with optional keys, it’s based on the kvsetkeys package
  • biblatex-authoryear-icomp-tt – provides an author-year style with compact multiple-reference-citations and ibidem mechanism
  • etextools – useful tools for e-TeX/LaTeX Users and package writers
  • properties – loads properties (key, value) from a properties file
  • kmrhyph – hyphenation patterns for the kurmanji language, T1 encoded
  • ctex – a collection of macro packages and document classes for Chinese LaTeX typesetting
  • zhspacing – a CJK typesetting package for document formats using XeTeX
  • xeCJK – a LaTeX2e package for typesetting CJK documents in XeTeX
  • CJKpunct – adjusts the location and kerning of CJK punctuation marks
  • ERDC – provides a class for typesetting technical information reports of the Engineer Research and Development Center, US Army Corps of Engineers
  • ESTCPMM – typesetting reports for Munitions Management Reports, US Environmental Security Technology Certification Program

New documentation on CTAN this month:

Updates on CTAN this month:

achemso, pst-3dplot, thailatex, tikz-timing, dvisvgm, pdfcomment, eplain, biblatex, zhmetrics, pst-solides3d, latex-veryshortguide, csquotes, erdc, memoir, biblatex-apa, ly1enc.def, natbib, FiXme, cell, pstool, etextools, oberdiek bundle, animate, zhspacing, bmeps, asymptote, ctex, pdfcrop, jpgfdraw, dozenal, ConTeXt Commands Top Ten, chitex, calctab, xepersian, bidi, cleveref, glossaries, datatool, softmaker-freefont, TotCount, VnTeX, expl3, mlist and biblatex-chicago-notes-df. For package-specific information visit the package folder on CTAN.

31. July 2009 by stefan
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