TeX Live 2012 Schedule

Today Karl Berry announced on the TeX Live mailing list, that in about one week (May 10) TeX Live 2011 and tlnet will be frozen, and the building of the pretest version of TeX Live 2012 will start shortly after that.

So the schedule for the release of TeX 2012 is, as it can be read on the TeX Live homepage:

  • May 10: TeX Live 2011 and tlnet frozen
  • About 2 weeks: CTAN updates continue, pretesting starts
  • May 24: Also CTAN updates stop, updates only on request
  • May 31: Complete freeze, some time for testing and documentation
  • June 14: Final images for the TeX Collection DVD
  • In August: DVDs will be delivered to TUG members.

This is the plan, changes are still possible as it depends on the time of the developers and contributors.

05. May 2012 by stefan
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  1. Hello Stefan,

    Do you know any update on Texlive 2012 final images availability?
    As far as I can check they are not available yet – still 2011 version is the official one (http://www.tug.org/texlive/).

    Best regards,

  2. We’re just excited for TeX Live 2012 to appear! Any news is always welcome. Please do keep us posted. Most importantly, thank you for your hard work on this wonderful software, which many of us use every day for everything we write!

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