TeXworks 0.4.4 released

Today I read on LaTeX-Community.org, that version 0.4.4 of TeXworks has been released, as posted by Thorsten. TeXworks is a quick and efficient LaTeX editor running on most operating systems. It is free and open source.

0.4.4 is a stable version which will be included in TeX Live 2012.

New and updated features in this version, compared to 0.4.3:

  • “Clear Recent Files” has been added to the “Open Recent” menu.
  • The preferences dialog now contains an autocompletion entry.
  • Lua(La)TeX has been added to the default tools, LaTeXmk has been dropped.
  • Now there’s an option to open log files.
  • Experimental CMake support has been implemented.
  • SyncTeX has been updated to version 1.17.
  • URLs have been updated and now point to http://www.tug.org/texworks/.
  • The window running TeX is brought to the top at the beginning of typesetting, to ensure that the console output is visible.
  • Symlinks are allowed and display only folders in “path for programs” in the preferences dialog.
  • The “Unable to execute…” error dialog has been improved.
  • “Show/Hide Output Panel” was renamed to “Show/Hide Console Output” in the menu and in the preferences dialog.
  • The “email to mailinglist” now includes instructions in the body, the subject was removed.
  • When looking for scripts, symlinks are resolved
  • Scripting has been improved.

Moreover, many bugs are fixed and some further improvements have been made. You can read about that in the changelog or on the TeXworks homepage where you also can find the way to the downloads.

30. April 2012 by stefan
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