LaTeX3 News 6 published

Issue 6 of the LaTeX3 news has been published yesterday. Some of the news:

  • Bruno Le Floch joined the LaTeX3 team. He is a teaching assistant at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences in Cape Town, South Africa. Some might know him from his contributions on TeX.SX. He has developed some packages and contributed to expl3 especially regarding performance and reliability.
  • The LaTeX3 code has been re-organized into these parts:
    • l3kernel – the core of LaTeX3, mostly made up of expl3
    • l3packages – LaTeX2? packages using LaTeX3 concepts, such as xparse and xtemplate
    • l3experimental – LaTeX2? packages with rather experimental LaTeX3 ideas in continuing development, intended to be moved into l3kernel or l3packages later
    • l3trial – the same says it all: code for exploring ideas, to be used or dropped later
  • The documentation has been improved, especially for expl3.
  • A mirror of the development SVN repository has been established on GitHub. This allows better tracking of issues and following the development.

Since there are still some compatibility issues because of the recent changes, the newest updates will not appear on the TeX Live 2011 DVD. However, they will be added to the usual regular updates of TeX Live soon.

This text is available in German. Dieser Text ist auch in Deutsch verfügbar.

10. August 2011 by stefan
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