TeXmaker 3.3 released

TeXmaker version 3.3 has been released today. Some of the new features, from the ChangeLog file, to 3.2.2:

  • An unlimited number of tags can be defined via a new panel.
  • The integrated PDF viewer provides spell checking.
  • Now the main biblatex entries can be inserted via the bibliography menu.
  • command{} is now displayed before command*{} in the auto completion.
  • More hard coded colors, dark desktop themes can be used.
  • The editor provides an overwrite mode.

Bad highlighting with end{picture} has been fixed. The complete ChangeLog can be found here. Click here for downloading versions for Linux, Mac OS X or Windows or source files.

26. February 2012 by stefan
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  1. I’ve been trying out a few TeX editors lately, and the Texmaker fork, TeXstudio is great so far (it folds anything I choose to put in line-starting brackets {}, for one thing). I’m surprised you don’t report on its releases as well.

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