LyX 2.2 released

After two years of work, LyX 2.2.0 has been released. There’s a lot of new features, some of the most important are:

  • High resolution display support (aka retina)
  • Qt5 support (Qt4 still supported)
  • Improved text display: proper kerning and ligatures, higher rendering speed
  • Horizontal scrolling for large insets such as tabular and math material, keeping the cursor visible
  • Improved control of paragraph breaks: plain separators split consecutive environments, parbreak separators do the same and introduce a blank line in the LaTeX output.
  • Improved text color support – 11 new colors: brown, darkgray, gray, lightgray, lime, orange, olive, pink, purple, teal, and violet
  • Better handling of boxes and tables
  • Faster and better instant preview
  • Enhanced source panel, outliner and navigation menu
  • Layout and module enhancements
  • Support for mathtools commands
  • New converters such as for Microsoft’s docx format

For further information and download visit:


31. May 2016 by stefan
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