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Lucida OpenType available

Today Karl Berry announced on the texhax mailing list, that the Lucida OpenType font distribution is now available. You can get it from the TeX Users Group (TUG): provides ordering information together with documents and samples. Lucida is a … Continue reading

21. March 2012 by stefan
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Circled numbers in text

Martin Tapankov asked on TeX.SX:  What is a good way to make circled numbers in text?  I’m trying to make some good-looking numbers in a circle, using the simple command: \textcircled{1} However, the circle is misaligned vertically with the number, … Continue reading

13. December 2010 by stefan
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Harpoons in TikZ

Yasser Sobhdel asked on TeX.SX:  Can I have any harpoons in TikZ?   I refer to my previous question on harpoons: “How to draw protocol interaction” using amsmath. The closest thing I have found is this code: \begin{tikzpicture}[decoration={bent,aspect=.3}] \node[circle,draw] (A) … Continue reading

11. December 2010 by stefan
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New monospaced font on CTAN: Inconsolata

The Inconsolata font package has been released on CTAN yesterday. Inconsolata is a monospaced (“typewriter”) font designed for code listings and the like by Raph Levien. It’s supporting several encodings including T1, OT1 and LY1. The font can be used … Continue reading

06. June 2009 by stefan
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Full justification with typewriter font

In a typewriter font aka monospaced font each character is given the same width. Monospaced fonts are frequently used by programmers to increase the readability of source code, but long text passages with monospace typeface are considerably less readable than … Continue reading

14. May 2008 by stefan
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