New monospaced font on CTAN: Inconsolata

The Inconsolata font package has been released on CTAN yesterday. Inconsolata is a monospaced (“typewriter”) font designed for code listings and the like by Raph Levien. It’s supporting several encodings including T1, OT1 and LY1.

The font can be used by loading inconsolata.sty. The package provides a font scaling option [scaled=X] and would redefine the typewriter font obtained by texttt. Here’s a small example from the documentation, showing both how to load the font and how it’s looking:

inconsolata example

More information can be obtained here:

06. June 2009 by stefan
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  1. Please, can you give me some info for how to install in a Debian system from CTAN files?

  2. Hi,

    copy the files where TeX would be able to find them and run texhash or mktexlsr. If you want to follow the TeX directory structure read its documentation (texdoc tds). I suggest copying the inconsolata files to TEXMFHOME (kpsewhich –var-value=TEXMFHOME), perhaps ~/texmf. It could look like:

    ~/texmf$ ls -R
    doc  fonts  tex
    fonttable.pdf  inconsolata.pdf	test.pdf
    enc  map  otf  sfd  tfm  type1
    fi4-ec.enc   fi4-ot1tt.enc  fi4-texnansi.enc
    fi4-ei1.enc  fi4-qxtt.enc   fi4-ts1.enc
    ec-inconsolata.tfm   qx-inconsolata.tfm  texnansi-inconsolata.tfm
    ei1-inconsolata.tfm  rm-inconsolata.tfm  ts1-inconsolata.tfm
    ei1fi4.fd	 inconsolata.tex  ot1fi4.fd  t1fi4.fd  ts1fi4.fd
    inconsolata.sty  ly1fi4.fd	  qxfi4.fd   test.tex

    Then run texhash or mktexlsr.

    Further modify the map files, using updmap or the like. A quick hack could be editing, inserting the lines of, for instance

    rm-inconsolata Inconsolata "fi4OT1TypewriterEncoding ReEncodeFont" < [fi4-ot1tt.enc
    for the OT1 encoding.

    Afterwards pdflatex should be able to compile a tex file using inconsolata.


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  4. This is a good font. But unfortunately
    the package does not support bold and italic.

  5. Hello, I followed your installation instruction in the comment, but I get this error:

    “”"!pdfTeX error: pdflatex (file rm-inconsolata): Font rm-inconsolata at 480 not f

    Do you know how to fix that? I’d really like to use inconsolata in my thesis.

    Thank you.

  6. Never mind. I had an old ~/.texmf-var that was conflicting somehow. Removed the directory, solved the problem.

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