LyX 2.3.0 released

LyX 2.3.0 has been released. I listed the quite a lot new features already here:

LyX 2.3 release candidate with new features

So I will be brief. :-) There’s no Windows (binary) version yet, I guess it will come soon. There’s one for the Mac and for Cygwin here and of cause you can download for compiling yourself.

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Long time no see

The blog is not abandoned… I just used to post here recently:

Probably you saw it in the TeXample blog aggregator. Who cares anyway :) still I enjoy writing and sharing news.


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TeX Live 2017 released

Today TeX Live 2017 has been released. Some of the changes:

  • TeX Live manager (tlmgr): new shell mode, that allows scripting. Commands are like invoking tlmgr with options. For interactive use but especially useful for scripting.
  • TEXMF tree structure: users can now easily add and remove additional TEXMF trees, supported by the tlmgr
  • LuaTeX: more
    • callbacks
    • control over typesetting
    • access to the internals
  • XeTeX: Unicode/OpenType math is now based on HarfBuzz
  • updmap and fmtutil: now requiring mode specification (system or user), to avoid accidental wrong usage
  • texosquery-jre8: new cross-platform program for getting OS information within a TeX document

For download and documentation visit

Deutsch: TeX Live 2017 erschienen.

More news on the news feed (hourly updated).

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Reading LaTeX articles

Yesterday I read the LaTeX2e-News of April 2017. At first I tried it using a smart phone, then with a tablet. The news don’t appear as text on the project’s web site, there’s just a link. It has to be read as a PDF file, in US letter size (8,5 x 11 inch) format, non-tagged, twocolumn. If one is able to read it scrolling to the left and right, one still needs to scroll far back above and to the right, at the end of a column. That’s laborious to me. And it’s just simple text with a few headings. It doesn’t contain any tables or figures or bulleted lists. No reason that it really needs LaTeX.

Continue Reading →

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LaTeX2e News

This month saw a new release of LaTeX2e. The following has been changed or added:

  • In addition to the yyyy/mm/dd date format, LaTeX now accepts ISO 8601 format date strings in the date argument of \ProvidesPackage , \usepackage , etc. That simply means dash insted of slash. So, today can be 2017-04-17.
  • The new TU encoding for specifying Unicode fonts with LuaTeX and XeTeX got extended support for the dot-under accent, \d.
  • Verbatim environments now use a \language setting to prevent issues with fonts that were not loaded with hyphenation disabled via \hyphenchar=-1.
  • \- now inserts the current font’s \hyphenchar instead of a simple -.
  • LaTeX now supports a default document language parameter, that may be relevant to language packages such as babel.
  • While LaTeX normalises the baseline spacing inside a \parbox already, it now resets \lineskiplimit in addition.

Regarding changes, the latexrelease package may be used to force the older behavior.

The whole announcement is here. This text was posted in German on

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TeX Live 2016 frozen

Karl Berry mentioned it on the TL mailing list: TL 2016 is frozen now, a final build has been made. The pretest of TL 2017 will start soon.


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Who will go to the BachoTeX?

At the end of this month I would like to go to the BachoTeX. I planned to go with kith and kin. So with wife, two kids, the dog and a few things. I rented a Ford Tourneo 9 seat van. Now I got to know, that the rental car company Hertz prohibits to drive with the car in our neighbor country and EU member Poland. From the “Driver’s Guide“:

Die versuchte Einreise in gesperrte Länder führt zur fristlosen Kündigung des Mietvertrages, den Verlust der Haftungsbeschränkung und des Diebstahlschutzes sowie zur Belastung aller entstehenden Kosten sowie ggfs. zur Sicherstellung des Fahrzeuges durch die Grenzpolizei.

So confiscation, cancellation and  costs. For Poland this is valid:

Verboten für Mercedes, BMW, Fahrzeuge der Premium Kategorie, SUV’s, Cabriolets und alle Transporter und LKWs.

Premium, Ford Tourneo? Well, I asked on the phone. they told me, except with a Ford Fiesta or equivalent I’m not allowed to drive to Poland.

At once the tour to Poland is uncertain.

Does anybody go to the TeX meeting in Poland, from or via Hamburg, with the option of a big car and easy travel with some halts? I happily take the fuel costs, if needed an appropriate part of rental costs. I would be happy about a quick info. My wife already looks at holiday cottages at the North sea and the Baltic Sea, since our vacation week is fixed. I still hope to go to the BachoTeX.

Stefan (

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DANTE Treffen-Berichte in Deutsch

Zur Info, die deutschsprachigen Berichte notiere ich hier:


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DANTE meeting 2017 day 1 – afternoon second session

At the DANTE meeting, Günter Partosch continued. His second topic was: headings.

Headings are for:

  • Structuring and sectioning of texts
  • Visual indication
  • Cross-referencing

There are various things that can be adjusted:

  • Size
  • Appearance such as font and decoration
  • Distance before and after
  • Numbering

The first look was at the base classes. They allow structuring by \chapter and \section etc. in various depth. There are basic commands in LaTeX that can be used for example for switching numbering off or on and to change how that looks.

He showed additional packages, such as:

  • fncychap - offers seven chapter heading styles, rather decorative
  • quotchap - decorative chapter headings with quotations or sayings
  • sectsty - Changing appearance of headings including lines above and below
  • titlesec - Alternative heading styles with complex interface
  • varsects - simple changing of headings

In his presentation he showed output examples of those packages, such as for decorative chapter headings and various formatting such as indented, centered, block-like or embedded headings.

A table showed the packages versus the features mentioned above.

Finally he considered the customization features included in KOMA-Script. They go far beyond the capabilities of base classes. A variety of settings are possible. Basic properties, such as base font size, can be set via class options. There are commands for setting and changing of font or formatting of various headings (\setkomafont, \addtokomafont). Furthermore there are commands such as \RedeclareSectionCommand for (complex) customizing of distances before and after headings as well as indentation.

Ulrike Fischer followed with the final talk of today. Her topic was how to work with errors:

  • Analyzing errors
  • Correction
  • How to find help if one is stuck with an error

What are good tips that can be given?

  • Better tackle errors immediately, instead of postponing until there are too many errors
  • No nonstopmode
  • Proceed step by step
  • Test new things in a minimal example, such as a bibliography or an index, before it’s implemented in the progressed main document
  • Read documentation and package manuals ;-)
  • Backups, version control, test environment

Will be updated in the late evening… 

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DANTE meeting 2017 day 1 – afternoon first session

The afternoon of the DANTE meeting day 1 starts.

After lunch in the canteen, Adelheid Grob explained and demonstrated new and interesting packages, for fun with LaTeX.

  • Bewitched mathematics: the package halloweenmath replaces math symbols by witches and pumpkins and offers more of that kind.
  • Images in the margin: the package randbild offers two environments for placing small pictures into the page margin.
  • EAN and ISBN with LaTeX: the package ean13isbn offers an interface for printing EAN codes and ISBN numbers including bar codes.
  • Smoking break: the package Zigaretten produces wrappers for cigarette boxes, to overprint the annoying warning messages by customizable text.
  • Smileys: the package tikzsymbols offers smileys aka emojis and further graphic symbols, with parametrization for “emotion value” and adjustments for example of colors of smileys and of angles of stick men.
    Another package coloremoji supports smileys as on Twitter or Whatsapp via small embedded images .
  • Old German fonts: Fraktur, Gotik, Schwabach and Sütterlin are possible via packages such as yfontssueterlin, sueterl, suet14, schwell, wesu. Using XeTeX there are even more old German fonts directly usable. An open question from the audience: is there Fraktur for math? For example, it’s used for vectors.

Günter Bartsch made the next presentation. He talked about creating a prescribed page layout in a reasonable way. It’s sometimes not easy to fulfill requirements. KOMA-Script classes and additional packages such as geometry provide suitable tools.

  • Statement of the problem: for example fixed page margins and line spacing
  • Considered: common pages, not landscape and no title pages
  • Definition of type area: imagined gray area on paper. Without prescribed margin values, it’s good to create a type area via dividing in a grid (9 or 12 parts) or golden ratio. The KOMA-Script manual contains very detailed information.
  • Standard classes such as article, book or report, offer only a few options. LaTeX commands, such as \enlargethispage and \setlength, don’t make the life easy.
  • The geometry package is widely used for typesetting with given page layout parameters such as margins. It can ensure reasonable settings by autocompleting values. There are some further packages, sometimes for specific use, such as fullpagetocenterzwpagelayout (layout, crop marks), and typearea. Packages such as layouts and layout display page layout parameters as text and graphically.
  • lscape and pdflscape are packages for switching to landscape orientation.
  • KOMA-Script classes (typearea) and memoir provide further interfaces.

Coffee break now!


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