TeX Live 2017 released

Today TeX Live 2017 has been released. Some of the changes:

  • TeX Live manager (tlmgr): new shell mode, that allows scripting. Commands are like invoking tlmgr with options. For interactive use but especially useful for scripting.
  • TEXMF tree structure: users can now easily add and remove additional TEXMF trees, supported by the tlmgr
  • LuaTeX: more
    • callbacks
    • control over typesetting
    • access to the internals
  • XeTeX: Unicode/OpenType math is now based on HarfBuzz
  • updmap and fmtutil: now requiring mode specification (system or user), to avoid accidental wrong usage
  • texosquery-jre8: new cross-platform program for getting OS information within a TeX document

For download and documentation visit tug.org/texlive.

Deutsch: TeX Live 2017 erschienen.

More news on the TeXample.net/community news feed (hourly updated).

04. June 2017 by stefan
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