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Recent TeX News

Again some weeks without a post here, however I expect to have more time for the blog soon. Here’s a summary of interesting events and news I noticed during the last weeks. The PracTeX Journal 2012-1 has been published. The … Continue reading

01. November 2012 by stefan
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TeX News of August

This month I’ve got few time due to much work, so I did not write much. So I will give a short summary what I think was interesting in the TeX world this month. Textmate 2 is now Open Source … Continue reading

29. August 2012 by stefan
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New maintainer wanted for pgfSweave

Cameron Bracken announced that he is looking for a new maintainer of the pgfSweave package. pgfSweave is an R package for use with Sweave for speedy compilation of high quality graphics, specifically it provides capabilities for “caching” graphics generated with … Continue reading

05. August 2012 by stefan
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TUG 2012 Reports and LaTeX3 News

David Latchman has posted daily reports from the TeX User Group conference 2012 in Boston: Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Very nice to read what happened at the meeting, who talked and about what. Thanks, David! Furthermore, a new … Continue reading

02. August 2012 by stefan
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Thanks to our sysadmins! Especially to who maintains a TeX installation.

Today is Sysadmin day. That’s a nice opportunity to thank your sysadmin, if you have one, who may have installed your computer hardware and software, maintains servers of your company, hosts your homepage, blog, or websites you use, takes care … Continue reading

27. July 2012 by stefan
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Texmaker 3.4 released

Today, Texmaker version 3.4 has been released. Texmaker is a free LaTeX editor which runs on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows systems. Some of its features are Unicode capability, spell checking, auto-completion, code folding, a built-in PDF viewer with … Continue reading

17. July 2012 by stefan
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TeX Live 2012 released

Today, TeX Live 2012 has been released. TeX Live is a comprehensive TeX and LaTeX system for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other Unix systems. A special version called MacTeX 2012 is available for Mac OS X. Changes compared … Continue reading

08. July 2012 by stefan
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LyX 2.0.4 released

The maintenance release 2.0.4 of LyX has been published this week. Most of the improvements are bug fixes, such as crash fixes. That’s why it’s recommended to update to this version. For further information and download visit: the announcement, the … Continue reading

08. July 2012 by stefan
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LaTeX and Graphics – Contest contributions

On, 10 authors have sent contributions to the “LaTeX and Graphics” contest. Did you like an article? Or many? It would be great if you would comment on it – what you liked, what further ideas do you have … Continue reading

22. June 2012 by stefan
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LaTeX Contest – four days left

The currently running “LaTeX and Graphics” article competition on will close on 20/06/12. Until now, very few users told me that they would make a contribution. Which means, there’s a good chance to win one of the gnuplot books. … Continue reading

16. June 2012 by stefan
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