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The TeXnicCenter homepage has got a new design, as Sven announced today in the LaTeX Community Forum. Now it has a more modern look and provides better access to its contents.

TeXnicCenter is an integrated development environment for LaTeX, running on the Windows platform. It’s supporting both MiKTeX and TeX Live. The version 2.0 is now under development as you can read in the news section.

20. September 2008 by stefan
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  1. I do most things in plain tex. Is TeXnicCenter easy to use with plain TeX? I need to be able to tex a document (not latex it), then run a dvi-viewer to look it over. Sometimes I will also need pdftex (not pdflatex) to send some document I wrote in TeX to my students in pdf form.

    I’d like the editor to do stuff like show matching parentheses, braces, and dollar signs, and go quickly to the line number of the first error.

    Will TeXnicCenter work for this with plain TeX?


  2. Hi Dan,

    I believe TeXnicCenter would be a very good choice also for plain TeX documents, it should fullfill most of your requirements.
    You could create an output profile for just the TeX/pdfTeX compiler instead of LaTeX/pdfLaTeX. There’s a button to start the DVI viewer.
    Matching parentheses, braces, math mode checks etc. should work with TeX like with LaTeX.

    Just give it a try. I would be glad if you would tell your experiences with TeXnicCenter and plain TeX here. At the moment I cannot test by myself because I’m travelling without having TeX and TeXnicCenter available.


  3. Hi Stefan
    Do you know if the last TCX accepts Unicode inputs?

    ps: I’m very glad that I’ve found this wonderful blog of yours. Congratulations!


  4. Hi Cezar,

    thank you for your comment!
    As far as I know Unicode support is intended to come with TXC 2.0. Version 1.0 doesn’t deal with the encoding, it just uses the current code page. Have a look at this posting on LaTeX-Community.org, or here: Subversion and TXC 2.0.


  5. Hi,

    I have the same question as 1, Daniel Dean above. I just installed TeXnicCenter and could not build my old Plain TeX files. Everything is about LaTeX in TeXnicCenter, while MikTeX has a Plain TeX application.


  6. Hi Alain,

    you could create or modify an output profile, just use tex instead of latex resp. pdftex instead of pdflatex.


  7. Thanks Stefan,

    My question was how to use TeX instead of LaTeX from TeXniccenter. I had installed TeXniccenter after MikTeX on my notebook under Microsoft XP. I doublechecked that nothing about Plain TeX was installed on TeXniccenter, while TeX and PdfTeX were listed in MikTeX programs. The Help of TeXniccenter did not explain anything.

    As Stefan says, I had to create new output profiles. Indeed only the three output profiles LaTeX => .dvi, LaTeX => .ps LaTeX => .pdf were installed after some questions by the Wizard windows, asking me among other things the link for MiKteX’s LaTeX. I had to create other output profiles TeX => .dvi, etc. I could do this, as Stefan says, imitating the three already installed output profiles.

    I found all this a bit complicated.


  8. I use windows XP professional. I would like to have some help on how to use texniccentre to build slides. I have miktex2.7.

  9. I have the same question for Windows Vista Home Basic too

  10. Hi Debasmita,

    there are LaTeX document classes for producing slides. I prefer the beamer class, a good alternative class is powerdot, especially if postcript capability would be needed.

    The Presentations page contains links to homepages, documentation and examples for those two slide classes.

    TeXnicCenter can be used in the same way like with other document classes.


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