KOMA-Script 3 available

The new version KOMA-Script 3 by Markus Kohm et al. has been released today.

Some of the new features are:

  • possibility to change almost all settings, even the paper or font size, after loading the class and even after begin{document},
  • arbitrary base font size, not only in pt, also in other units of measure like pica (pc),
  • new key=value interface, backward compatible,
  • new package tocbasic for generation of table of contents and other lists, supporting the multilingual babel package,
  • arbitrary choice where chapters are allowed to start,
  • improved documentation.

To download KOMA-Script 3, visit http://developer.berlios.de/projects/koma-script3/.

There are release notes in English and more extensive in German.

edit Nov 11: KOMA-Script 3 is available now also as MiKTeX package. I’ve installed it with TeX Live on Ubuntu Linux by the MiKTeX package manager.

03. November 2008 by stefan
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