Starting chapters on even-numbered pages

In documents using the book class chapters start by default on a right-hand, odd-numbered page (recto page), corresponding to option openright. This may be changed by specifying the option openany to use the next available page, which is set default in the case of the report class.
But the LaTeX standard classes don’t provide an openleft option. The memoir class accepts openleft and enables chapters to start on left-hand pages (verso pages).

The book and report class use \cleardoublepage (defined in latex.ltx) to ensure that chapters start on odd-numbered pages. The opposite could be specified by redefining the \cleardoublepage command:

  \ifodd\c@page \hbox{}\newpage\if@twocolumn\hbox{}%

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13. June 2008 by stefan
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  1. Thank You for that post, it is very helpful if the minitoc package is used. Then it looks nice, when chapter title, and table of contents is placed on the left hand side…

  2. What i want to get is every chapter starting in the first free page following that where the one before ended. How can i get that?

  3. Hi Hernán,

    use the class option openany in the declaration of the document class at the beginning of your document.


  4. Thanks. That’s perfect. Just: documentclass[a4paper,12pt,openany]{book}

    • Hi, I have the same probleme with Chapters beginning only with odd pages but openany does’nt works… :
      I still have blank pages.
      Any help please ?

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