New package: zwpagelayout

On December 26th Zdenêk Wagner has released the zwpagelayout package, dealing with page layout in general, like the well known geometry package.
It may not provide as many features as geometry but it brings additional tools, for instance it’s supporting cropmarks.

The package can be loaded by:


All options have to be set in the preamble, either by this line or given to the document class.
Options may be paper sizes (by name or by lengths), orientation (portrait, landscape), margins, text dimensions (also concerning head and foot), cropmark related options and options concerning the design of book covers like spine and flap.

There are even options to reflect pages horizontally or vertically, that are intended for printing but shouldn’t be used for documents providing hyperlinks.

Further the package is capable of calculating missing page layout dimensions if enough dimensions are already given.

zwpages comes well documented on 16 pages. For more information and download visit:

28. December 2008 by stefan
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  1. Dear Stefan,

    I found your website very interesting. Great job!
    I’ve been using latex for nearly 5 years, but I keep learning things.

    I wonder if it is possible to have several “left margin” on the same page. If it is, what command should I use?
    I’m asking this because I want to have larger left margin for my main body text than that of the chapter title.


  2. Useful post, great read anyway very interesting.

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