TeX Live 2010 and MacTeX 2010 released

TeX Live 2010 is available now.

Some changes in 2010, like announced in this blog post:

  • pdfLaTeX automatically converts EPS files for inclusion, as already been planned but dismissed for the previous release
  • The execution of a some external commands from TeX, via write18, is now enabled by default.
  • The default PDF version for the output is now 1.5 allowing a better compression.
  • Some programs have been added: pTeX for Japanese typesetting, chktex, the dvisvgm converter, further BibTeXU for Unicode support in BibTeX.
  • XeTeX now uses microtype for margin kerning but doesn’t support font expansion yet.

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12. September 2010 by stefan
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Comments (5)

  1. Anyone else having problems with MacTeX and biblatex? I’m always getting a “LaTeX Error: File `logreq.sty’ not found.’” bummer :(

    Btw, is xelatex’ margin kerning on by default or do I need some xmicrotype package?

  2. Ok, just saw this during a tlmgr update –all run “logreq [7k]: local: , source: 19640 (auto-install)” guess it should work now :)

  3. Same problem with ‘logreq.sty’ not found. I used TexLive utility to update (2011) and everything looks fine on the log. No messages on tlmgr. What is wrong?

  4. You could install specifically the logreq package using the TeX Live manager aka tlmgr. Or install it manually, which means copying it into your TeX tree and running mktexlsr or texhash afterwards, as root or via sudo.


  5. The package actually is installed according to the Tex Live manager.
    But somehow it does not seem to find it? What could be wrong?


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