KOMA-Script 3.05 released

On Feb 15th the Version 3.05 of KOMA-Script has been released by Markus Kohm. 3.04 has been the most recent release for many months and is rated as very stable by the author, but know some improvements have led to the new release. These include extensions in scrlttr2, the new pseudolengths firstheadhpos and firstfoothpos, improvements in scrhack and a correction in tocbasic.

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17. February 2010 by stefan
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  1. Hi Markus,

    Thank you for the news, do you know if there are improvements on the scrpage2-package ?

    I want to have a header in the top left of the page (it a oneside book) wich is as following:
    Chapter 1. xxxxxx
    decorative line.

    The only thing I can find out from the koma script guide that i can call this package in the preamble of the document and use

    I can manage with the fancyhdr package, but following koma-script guide scrpage2 would integrate beter with koma-script.

    Have any suggestions ?

  2. Hi Stefan,

    Thank you very much for your comment, I now finally understand it !

    Keep on this great blog on LaTeX !

    Kind regards,
    S. trap

  3. Hello Stefan,

    I have recently converted my Thesis file from the standard book class to the scrbook class. I am also quite happy with the functionality of the scrpage2-package for the pagesetup. However, I have to present large landscape floats in sidewaysfigures which are displayed on separate float pages. These float pages should ideally not have any header or footer since it looks rather ugly. The fancyhdr-package has the optional argument iffloatpage to do just that. However I could not find an equivalent for scrpage2.
    Is there some way of doing that with this package?

    Many thanks,


  4. Put this at your preamble
    providecommand{iffloatpage}[2]{if@fcolmade #1else #2fi}

  5. Hi, just arrived here looking for help on the same subject.

    My document is book class. I want to remove the headers from pages with sidewaytables, but they just won’t go. I probably have to do something involving iffloatpage, but I can’t handle it. I’ve tried quite a few things, but don’t know what to write as arguments for the command (or if I have to add something else in the preamble).

    Could you please write an example of the iffloatpage syntax?

    Lots of thanks, thanks for the attention, kind regards.

  6. Hi,

    I was wondering if Jesús or anyone else has come up with the solution to the problem raised by Jesús. I have a sidewaystable and would also like to suppress headers and footers for that page. Using thispagestyle{empty} inside begin{sidewaystable} and end{sidewaystable} seems to clear the headers and footers of the *previous* page but not the page where the sidewaystable float appears.


  7. Hi,

    I use class scrreprt and environment sidewaysfigure{}. I also had the problem that thispagestyle{empty} “cleared” the headers on previous page. The solution was simple – I used clearpage imediatelly before thispagestyle{emtpy}.

    Hope it works for you too.

  8. Hi Gorazd,

    in such cases I like to use the afterpage package and write


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