Foxit Reader 4 released

The version 4.0 of the Foxit Reader has been released. It’s a light-weight and fast reader for PDF documents and it can be downloaded for free. Version 4 provides new features:

  • reviewing and commenting tools like highlighting, underlining, striking out, search and replace, magnifying glass and inserting notes,
  • editing tools like textbox, adding comments, measuring bar and form filling,
  • spell checker for comments,
  • undo and redo for comments,
  • adding multimedia like images, movies, file attachments and links to a PDF document,
  • conversion of PDF to text format,
  • modifying bookmarks,
  • safe mode for secure reading.

The reader comes with the toolbar, it’s installed by default so be careful if you don’t like that! In this case choose the custom installation and click the Decline button – otherwise the toolbar will be installed even if you unmark the check boxes. Even if that happened, the Foxit Toolbar can be uninstalled in the Control Panel of Windows.

This text is available in German. Dieser Text ist auch in Deutsch verfügbar.

30. June 2010 by stefan
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  1. If only there would be some way to reload files in Foxit, it would so much more useful for LaTeX.

  2. Hi Tomek,

    yes, it’s sad that there’s no auto refresh.
    Perhaps a workaround could be used, like a batch file with “taskkill” or similar, inside an output profile of TeXnicCenter.
    Yesterday somebody (Stefan) told me that the Foxit Reader could be persuaded using the command line to refresh refresh the PDF, like jumping by -n 1000 on a page that doesn’t exist and jumping to a meaningful page afterwards – could be in a batch script.


  3. Yes, not having an auto-refresh or reload feature is pretty much a show stopper for me. I can suffer with Acrobat for a little while longer.

  4. I also cannot use foxit while writing pdf files because a lack of RELOAD button. The PDF-reades which I know and having this future are not so fast or handsume as Foxit.

    It is better to make manual reload button, whichwill open the document at the same page where it was before reloading. As an additional future – autoreoad would be greate.

  5. Here is the code for a batch file I put in foxit reader directory. I changed the exe name so it has no spaces.

    taskkill /im Foxit.exe
    start “C:Program Files (x86)Foxit SoftwareFoxit ReaderFoxit.exe” %1

  6. Here is an improved version – no change to exe name and allows editing and recompiling source by making tmp copy. Must create txtreader directory for this to work.

    taskkill /im “Foxit Reader.exe”
    del C:txtreadertmp.pdf
    copy %1 C:txtreadertmp.pdf
    start “C:Program Files (x86)Foxit … …SoftwareFoxit ReaderFoxit Reader.exe” C:txtreadertmp.pdf

  7. Thanks for the batch script!

  8. Hello Someone,

    could you please describe how exactly to use your script?


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