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This month saw a new release of LaTeX2e. The following has been changed or added:

  • In addition to the yyyy/mm/dd date format, LaTeX now accepts ISO 8601 format date strings in the date argument of \ProvidesPackage , \usepackage , etc. That simply means dash insted of slash. So, today can be 2017-04-17.
  • The new TU encoding for specifying Unicode fonts with LuaTeX and XeTeX got extended support for the dot-under accent, \d.
  • Verbatim environments now use a \language setting to prevent issues with fonts that were not loaded with hyphenation disabled via \hyphenchar=-1.
  • \- now inserts the current font’s \hyphenchar instead of a simple -.
  • LaTeX now supports a default document language parameter, that may be relevant to language packages such as babel.
  • While LaTeX normalises the baseline spacing inside a \parbox already, it now resets \lineskiplimit in addition.

Regarding changes, the latexrelease package may be used to force the older behavior.

The whole announcement is here. This text was posted in German on

17. April 2017 by stefan
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