Who will go to the BachoTeX?

At the end of this month I would like to go to the BachoTeX. I planned to go with kith and kin. So with wife, two kids, the dog and a few things. I rented a Ford Tourneo 9 seat van. Now I got to know, that the rental car company Hertz prohibits to drive with the car in our neighbor country and EU member Poland. From the “Driver’s Guide“:

Die versuchte Einreise in gesperrte Länder führt zur fristlosen Kündigung des Mietvertrages, den Verlust der Haftungsbeschränkung und des Diebstahlschutzes sowie zur Belastung aller entstehenden Kosten sowie ggfs. zur Sicherstellung des Fahrzeuges durch die Grenzpolizei.

So confiscation, cancellation and  costs. For Poland this is valid:

Verboten für Mercedes, BMW, Fahrzeuge der Premium Kategorie, SUV’s, Cabriolets und alle Transporter und LKWs.

Premium, Ford Tourneo? Well, I asked on the phone. they told me, except with a Ford Fiesta or equivalent I’m not allowed to drive to Poland.

At once the tour to Poland is uncertain.

Does anybody go to the TeX meeting in Poland, from or via Hamburg, with the option of a big car and easy travel with some halts? I happily take the fuel costs, if needed an appropriate part of rental costs. I would be happy about a quick info. My wife already looks at holiday cottages at the North sea and the Baltic Sea, since our vacation week is fixed. I still hope to go to the BachoTeX.

Stefan (stefan@texblog.net)

09. April 2017 by stefan
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