Tutorial: Commutative Diagrams using TikZ

In previous posts I’ve shown some examples how the TikZ graphics package could be used to draw mathematical diagrams like exact sequences and commutative diagrams. Felix Lenders has written a tutorial called Commutative Diagrams using TikZ dealing with this subject and has published it today. In that paper he’s describing basic syntax, styles, arrows, curves, positioning issues and more. The tutorial contains several examples with the corresponding source code.

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04. February 2009 by stefan
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  1. A beautiful and useful tutorial Felix! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hello Stefan,

    I am a newbie to LaTeX; I have been trying to use graphviz for creating simple graphs that I want to include in my text. However, I have had a lot of trouble using it and never figured out how to include math formulas as node names.

    I have never used TikZ… Would you recommend TikZ instead?



  3. Hi Aleksandar,

    TikZ is a great graphics package, I can recommend it really. Learning it is not easy, but there are many examples you could start with. Just take a complete example (for instance from texample.net) and modify it until it suits. There’s an extensive documentation. Just try it, have a look at the graphs examples and into the manual, perhaps also into the TikZ category of this blog.


  4. Hello,

    Thanks for showing this neat system. I’ve been really struggling with doing diagrams (especially commuting diagrams for category theory papers) in LaTeX, and this looks like it works pretty well. I just downloaded the file, with a .tar.gz extension. I’m using MikTeX and Texmaker, and I’m not sure where I should put the file, any hints?

    -Jon Beardsley

  5. Hi Jon,

    better use the MiKTeX package manager for the installation of pgf/TikZ. Click on Start/ MiKTeX/ Browse packages and install the pgf package.


  6. I am having trouble with tikz from mikTex. On my mac the file renders as expected using TexShop but I need to use my windows box (this has windows 8) I have loaded TexnicCenter and MikTex – all packages are uptodate as of 7-12-2012. But the file fails to render the tikz fifures. Any ideas?

    thanks in advance

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