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On I’ve read that the microblogging service provides blogs/groups about (La)TeX related subjects too:

Links to those groups were provided by Thorsten on LC.

05. February 2009 by stefan
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  1. When I saw your headline, I thought this was going to be about a service that would let you microblog *using* LaTeX, not microblog *about* LaTeX. The latter makes more sense.

  2. Thanks John for pointing it out. I hope the text is more clear now. I’m understanding for example “cooking blogs” as blogs about cooking, not blogs that were cooked. But short titles might be a bit ambiguous. I will keep the short title at least until I’m convinced that I should change it. :)


  3. There was nothing wrong with your post. My mind just wandered down an interesting side road, imagining people microblogging in TeX symbols. Here I am in a cafe, let me write a quick update about an integral I’m thinking about. Very geeky!

  4. Indeed, LaTeX supported microblogging sounds great!

  5. Amazing Posts was searching for this informations thank you

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