Talk: Creation of extensive documents ready for printing with TeX/LaTeX

Tomorrow on April 29th, 2009, the author Dr. Herbert Voss will give a talk in the specialist bookshop Lehmanns in Hamburg, Kurze Muehren 6. This talk will be held in German and it’s called “Erstellung grosser, druckreifer Dokumente mit TeX/LaTeX“. The speaker will explain how extensive documents (more than 1000 pages) can be created and managed by several authors until it’s ready for printing such that no post-treatment by publisher or printing company would be needed. Among the topics will be revision control systems, the possibility of postprocessing of directories by external scripts and creation and inclusion of high-quality graphics. The talk will start at 8pm. For further information visit the LOB events page.

28. April 2009 by stefan
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  1. Do you know if the speach will be video recorded?


  2. Hi Christian,

    I don’t now whether it would be recorded or not. Perhaps Herbert would tell you, you could ask him for instance on If he has created slides for a presentation perhaps he would provide those for interested users if desired, but only he can tell.


  3. Thanks Stefan! I will talk to him via mrunix.


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