Kile 2.1beta2 released

The second beta version of the LaTeX editor Kile has been released on August 23rd. It’s intended for testing but it’s not recommended for production.

It brings some fixes to 2.1beta1:

  • utf8 related default encoding settings fixed,
  • the ALT+p shortcut has been made unique,
  • for unchanged documents section jumping is faster now,
  • %M support in user tags fixed,
  • biblatex file suffixes have been added

and some more, including KDE related improvements.

Among the new features are the support for Evince as viewer and a nicer “Open File” widget.

The version 2.1beta1 already contains many new features compared to 2.0. The source code archive, available in the download area, contains a ChangeLog file listing the fixes and features of current and older versions. The latest available stable version for KDE3 is 2.0.3.

For more information and download visit:

This text is available in German. Dieser Text ist auch in Deutsch verfügbar.

30. August 2009 by stefan
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