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Koch snowflake, TeXgallery Twitter icon
TeXample.net is now on Twitter. TeXample.net is a web site dedicated to TeX and related software, currently it’s focussed on collecting and showing TikZ examples.

Follow @TeXgallery to read about new contributions and site features.

Four TikZ examples have been added this week, more are planned, as well as new site features. Twitter will inform about smaller updates, blog posts about bigger changes.

The @TeXgallery Twitter logo is a Koch snowflake, which can be produced using TikZ:

\shadedraw[shading=color wheel] 
  [l-system={rule set={F -> F-F++F-F}, step=2pt, angle=60,
   axiom=F++F++F, order=4}] lindenmayer system -- cycle;

This is also one of the recently added examples.

22. December 2011 by stefan
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