Texmaker 3.0.1 released

Less than two weeks after the release of Texmaker 3.0 the update to 3.0.1 has been published. Various bugs have been fixed, and there are some new features:

  • The internal pdf viewer can now be fully embedded in the main window also with screen resolutions lower than 1400 px, that restriction is gone.
  • eqref and autoref have been added to the auto-completion.
  • Now there’s a button in the toolbar of the embedded pdf viewer for launching an external pdf viewer.

The complete changelog including information regarding fixed bugs can be found here. Click here for downloading Texmaker 3.0.1 for Linux, Mac OS X or Windows or source files.

This text is available in German. Dieser Text ist auch in Deutsch verfügbar.

18. April 2011 by stefan
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