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TikZ: Commutative diagrams with crossing edges

When one edge of a graph passes over or under another edge there may be a small gap needed in the drawing of one of those edges. An easy trick is to draw the upper edge two times: first with … Continue reading

07. January 2009 by stefan
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Vertical alignment of graphics

If graphics or graphics and text had to be set side-by-side they would often be placed inside minipage environments. This usually works fine if the minipages should be bottom-aligned. A frequently asked question is how to get top alignment, like … Continue reading

18. October 2008 by stefan
Categories: Graphics | 6 comments

PSTricks package update: pst-fun

Today an update of the PSTricks related package pst-fun was released. pst-fun is aimed at drawing funny objects like bird, fish, ant, kangaroo, dog and faces, of course with different size, rotation etc. It may be useful for testing other … Continue reading

23. June 2008 by stefan
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New TikZ package: tikz-inet

The today released package tikz-inet extends TikZ with commands for drawing interaction nets. At least Version 2.0 of pgf/TikZ is required. For imformation about interaction nets see “Interaction Nets” by Y.Lafont, in POPL’90, 95-108 or for example the Diploma of … Continue reading

18. June 2008 by stefan
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