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Lim Lian Tze, Ph.D. candidate at the MMU Malaysia and regular poster on the Malaysian LaTeX Blog, has published a presentation about LaTeX. It’s an excellent survey of LaTeX’s capabilities.

Starting with some slides regarding why, for what and how to use LaTeX and where to get software and support, it focuses on presenting a lot of examples. Code snippets are shown together with final output. The presentation begins with standard documents and demonstrates that you can use LaTeX for writing theses, presentations, posters, leaflets, PDF forms, flash cards, and exam questions. It shows the application of LaTeX in mathematics, chemistry, linguistics, life sciences, business, computer science and electronics.

The slides are useful for bringing LaTeX to a large audience. That’s why Lim Lian Tze has written it, she will speak about LaTeX at the Malaysia Open Source Conference 2011.

Have a look at her blog post for more information and direct PDF download:

LaTeX: More Than Just Academic Papers and Theses

28. June 2011 by stefan
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  1. the presentation is great, but cant download it from slideshare without an account.. facebook-account woud do it but i dont have one either. the thing: i cant comment on his blog without havin an account.. GRRR!

    so no pdf for me today :(

  2. I will ask Lian Tze about the download. Perhaps she’ll read your comment comment too.

    Come back, perhaps there’s another download link for you tomorrow.


  3. Thank you for the mention, Stefan!

    @anonymous, I’m sorry I didn’t realise you needed an account (SlideShare/FB) to download the files. If you go back to my blog post (link given by Stefan), I have provided a link to directly download the PDF.

    Hope that helps and thanks for dropping by!

  4. Hi Lian Tze,

    thanks for the direct download link and for allowing to embed the slideshow.


  5. Fabulous presentation. What is the beamer style? I like it very much.

  6. Hi Jeff,

    Lian Tze used the Wuerzburg beamer theme, she wrote about that in another blog post.


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