TeXnicCenter 2.0 alpha 1 released

The first alpha version of the upcoming Version 2.0 of the LaTeX editor TeXnicCenter has been released today. It is a development version, not stable, just released for testing, but it shows that the development is in progress and it gives an impression of the new version.

Some of the new features are:

  • a new editor component based on Scintilla providing zoom, proportional fonts and code folding,
  • Unicode support to enable writing in Russian, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, …
  • improved modern user interface, the tool windows could be rearranged,
  • improved BibTeX support regarding error parsing, search in literature tool window.

TXC 2.0 has been developed with Visual Studio 2008, not with the free version because access to the MFC is needed. Help in development is welcome, if you’re interested contact the maintainer Tino Weinkauf.

For more information and download visit

This text is available in German. Dieser Text ist auch in Deutsch verfügbar.

23. October 2009 by stefan
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