LaTeX Reference in German available for free

At Lehmanns there’s now a LaTeX reference available for free, written by Herbert Voß, in German language:

You can order it for free as a soft cover book, or download it as PDF file.

On 32 pages the reference lists the most important LaTeX environments and commands with syntax and meaning, and it contains a list of LaTeX counters and lengths.

DANTE members will automatically get it together with the next DTK.

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06. November 2013 by stefan
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Article contest – win the LaTeX Companion – 10 days left

On there’s currently a contest: users, who post an article on the web site have the chance to win the LaTeX Companion ebook. A free download code was provided by the author Frank Mittelbach. The ebook version is available as bundle in EPUB, MOBI and PDF format.

The LaTeX Companion

To take part, write a small article and send to, it will be published on The topic of this contest is: Recent developments in LaTeX.

“Recent” may mean some years, it’s not really strict. You can freely choose your topic. The article could be short like a blog post or comprehensive as you like.

The contest will end in 10 days, it will close on November 10, 2013.

You can find all details in the contest announcement.

31. October 2013 by stefan
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Packt Publishing promotion: 50% discount for all ebooks

Today is the final day of the Packt Publishing promotion, where you can get 50% discount for all ebooks in the store. They got a lot of books in the store, could be a nice opportunity to shop an interesting book for less money, for you or as a present for your friends. The promo code is: BIG50

They have one LaTeX book available, which was written by me: LaTeX Beginner’s Guide.

30. September 2013 by stefan
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A new community TeX blog

Again some quiet weeks on my blog. If some people would blog together, there would be active blog life even if somebody would temporarily be too busy with other things. So I liked Patricks idea very much, to set up a community blog together with some TeX friends and who ever likes to join us. I quickly set up a wordpress blog and we chose a friendly bright theme together.

It’s site for people who did not blog yet but would like to do it sometimes, or TeX users like me who blog in English but like to post in German sometimes. Yes, the starting crew is German, from the huge German speaking TeX community, Patrick, Rico, Clemens, Marco, Dominic, and me. First topics? Clever footnotes, maths, xparse, translations, minted, and planned are biblatex and pgfplots.

Curious? Have a look:

30. May 2013 by stefan
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TeX news and articles

It has been a bit quiet here for some weeks. I got a son in February, when my little daugher was not much more than 1 year old, both keep us pretty busy at home. So after my full time job I’m not so often at the computer.

However, I still post about TeX news, answer questions in TeX forums, edit and publish articles. My personal site is just not so important. I rather support, which is read by more people.

Here are some news of the last months I posted there, in case you missed one:

Contributed articles, which I edited regarding HTML design and published on that site:

More articles are in the works and will appear soon.

LaTeX Community Forum

Do you like reading that TeX and LaTeX site with articles, news, and an active TeX forum? If yes, there are some ways you could support it, for example by

  • Answering some LaTeX questions in the forum. Many questions come in, it seems more than the regulars can handle. There are even a lot of unanswered questions. You could pick one or some and answer. Also answers to older questions are welcome.
  • Adding a link to on your website or blog. Feel free to use the banner here, but a text link would already be great. So some more users may find the site.
  • Sending us news, if you would notice something in the TeX and LaTeX world. You could also get an account to write posts on the frontpage of the site. Even an article about a topic you like? Very welcome!

01. April 2013 by stefan
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Cooperation of and

Since today, readers can use an online LaTeX compiler in the forum, provided by, an online collaborative LaTeX editor with integrated rapid preview.

By a single click on a link above a code box, the reader will land in the editor which shows the code on the left side, and the output preview on the right side. Compilation is done in realtime.

Now it’s easier to support LaTeX users, especially if they would add a compilable minimal example to their problem. Even small code snippets would be wrapped to create a basic LaTeX document.

For more information and examples, have a look at the announcement.

09. January 2013 by stefan
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Happy Christmas!

Christmas tree

This Christmas tree has been written in LaTeX and TikZ by Alain Matthes. See the complete source code.

25. December 2012 by stefan
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First Beta of TeXnicCenter 2.0 released

The first beta version of TeXnicCenter 2.0 has been released. Several issues with TXC 2.0 alpha 4 have been fixed. Though it’s still beta, it’s pretty stable and recommended as replacement for version 1, and of course for the alpha versions of 2.0.

For further details, you can read the announcement by Tino Weinkauf. You can get the installer program at the download page, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

04. November 2012 by stefan
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Recent TeX News

Again some weeks without a post here, however I expect to have more time for the blog soon. Here’s a summary of interesting events and news I noticed during the last weeks.

  • The PracTeX Journal 2012-1 has been published. The journal contains practical articles, in this issue for example about creating posters, ebooks, and active documents, and about using the APA6 style, visualizing the vocal tract, using MetaPost, and more.
  • Texmaker 3.5.1 has been released yesterday. Now it provides export via TeX4HT to HTML, MathML and Open Document format.
  • Kile 2.1.3 has been released September 23.
  • TeXstudio 2.5 has been released September 17. One new feature is that it can recognize handwritten math formulas.
  • The UK-TUG recorded videos of their last meeting and put them online on their vimeo channel. Topics: TeX Gyre Math font, Lua2DoX and TeX on the Raspberry Pi, Coffins: boxes with handles, the history of the longtable package, the arara compiling tool, TeX challenges, and discussions.
  • Nicola Talbot published a new article on LaTeX-Community.og: Creating a glossary without using an external indexing application. This article shows how to create sorted glossaries without to run the external makeindex program, by using the datatool package.
  • Andrew Stacey wrote about using TeX to make toast, or about the fun of using TeX to program the GPIO interface of a Raspberry Pi to make LEDs light.

01. November 2012 by stefan
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TeX News of August

This month I’ve got few time due to much work, so I did not write much.

So I will give a short summary what I think was interesting in the TeX world this month.

29. August 2012 by stefan
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