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Supporting users on

I’m on a carribbean cruise for three weeks and don’t have so much time as before for answering questions on Especially since I actually do work here, on improving the WiFi onboard the cruise ship. It would be great … Continue reading

03. May 2019 by stefan
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Reading LaTeX articles

Yesterday I read the LaTeX2e-News of April 2017. At first I tried it using a smart phone, then with a tablet. The news don’t appear as text on the project’s web site, there’s just a link. It has to be … Continue reading

18. April 2017 by stefan
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LaTeX2e News

This month saw a new release of LaTeX2e. The following has been changed or added: In addition to the yyyy/mm/dd date format, LaTeX now accepts ISO 8601 format date strings in the date argument of \ProvidesPackage , \usepackage , etc. … Continue reading

17. April 2017 by stefan
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Currently Packt sells my LaTeX books for $5

Just to let you know, these days Packt Publishing sells all ebooks (not paper books) for just $5, until beginning of January. This includes my two LaTeX books: The LaTeX Cookbook More than 90 hands-on recipes to easily cook a variety of LaTeX … Continue reading

24. December 2016 by stefan
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TeX Live 2015 pretest is running

The TeX Live mailing list shows increasing traffic: the TeX Live 2015 pretest version is available, and many users already downloaded and tested it. It contains the LaTeX2e 2015 release, which brought a notable change: the fixes, which were previously … Continue reading

15. April 2015 by stefan
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LaTeX Beginner’s Guide available for download today

In agreement with Packt Publishing, I can provide the „LaTeX Beginner’s Guide“ as an ebook for free, only today, March 4, 2015. For further information and updates and background production story you can visit: LaTeX Community forum announcement. This is … Continue reading

04. March 2015 by stefan
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LaTeX2e got an update

Today an update of LaTeX2e has been released on CTAN. The previous update dates back to June 27, 2011. LaTeX2e has been stable for a long time, there are mainly maintenance work and bug fixes. The package fixltx2e got an update: loading … Continue reading

04. May 2014 by stefan
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Who want’s to have a TeX or LaTeX book of choice?

After a contest on ended without contributions, because probably most of us have the prize, the LaTeX Companion, already in the shelf, there’s a new idea. It’s for our very active German speaking TeX community. Which book would you … Continue reading

05. December 2013 by stefan
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LaTeX Reference in German available for free

At Lehmanns there’s now a LaTeX reference available for free, written by Herbert Voß, in German language: You can order it for free as a soft cover book, or download it as PDF file. On 32 pages the reference … Continue reading

06. November 2013 by stefan
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Article contest – win the LaTeX Companion – 10 days left

On there’s currently a contest: users, who post an article on the web site have the chance to win the LaTeX Companion ebook. A free download code was provided by the author Frank Mittelbach. The ebook version is available … Continue reading

31. October 2013 by stefan
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