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Floating figures and tables

Coloring text for whole table rows

Eddy asked on TeX.SX:  How to color the font of a single row in a table?  I have a table and I want to make the font color red for just one row (not the background). How do I do … Continue reading

23. August 2011 by stefan
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Centering wide tables or figures

When you want to include an image or a table that’s wider than the text width, you will notice that even when \centering or the center-environment is used this wide object will not be centered in relation to the surrounding … Continue reading

17. September 2008 by stefan
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center vs. centering

A frequently seen mistake is to use \begin{center} … \end{center} inside a figure or table environment. This center environment can cause additional vertical space. If you want to avoid that just use \centering instead like in this example: \begin{figure}[ht] \centering … Continue reading

13. June 2008 by stefan
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