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Some weeks ago I began to work as IT Technician onboard of a passenger ship. I’ve already worked some years as IT Administrator on a ship (for a different company) and also in the position of the IT Communication Officer there, so it’s not completely new to me but will require most of my time.
That’s why I will publish less posts here at the moment, at least for some time.
I’m hoping that readers of this blog would return from time to time to check out if there’s something new. ;-) I will continue working on this site.


04. December 2008 by stefan
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  1. Don’t worry, I’ve got the RSS feed. :)

  2. I started using LaTeX recently, and found this site/blog very handy. While I thank you for it, let me wish you all the best with the new job.

    Good thing you had the feeds enabled. :)

  3. I have been teaching an undergraduate course in TeX/LaTeX for 12 years. (All student work in 2xxx-4xxx courses must be done with LaTeX).
    Your blog will become mandatory course reading, (with the restriction of no comments until the semester course is over) with any student comments being initially filtered by me.

    Stefan, your blog is very useful and well organized.

    Thank you

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