Periodic Table of Typefaces

Reading Jürgen Fenns blog TeX & Friends I stumbled across a very nice work by Cam: inspired by the Periodic Table of Elements he created a Periodic Table of Typefaces listing 100 of the most popular and influential typefaces today grouped categorically by families and classes: sans-serif, serif, script, blackletter, glyphic, display, grotesque, realist, didone, garalde, geometric, humanist, slab-serif and mixed. Here’s an impression of the result:

Periodic Table of Typefaces

Click on the picture to see the larger version of the table, perhaps click again to enlarge it further.

To get more information, especially how the typefaces were chosen, categorized and ranked visit Cam’s page.

07. April 2009 by stefan
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  1. The result is really amazing!

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