New packages and updates on CTAN in May

New packages on CTAN:

  • ulqda – supports the integration of Qualitative Data Analysis research tasks with LaTeX, assists in the analysis of textual data by providing macros used to markup textual information. ulqda is requiring pdfeTeX, further it’s needing the packages soul, color, multicols, pgf/TikZ, dot2texi and for processing and graph/list generation the external tools GraphViz, dot2tex, Perl and the Digest::SHA1 module. The author is Ivan Griffin, for further information have a look at its documentation.
  • lshort-mongol – another translation of Tobias Oetiker’s Not so short introduction, this time to Mongolian by Dorjgotov Batumongke.
  • pst-gantt – drawing GANTT charts, by Herbert Voß, requiring PSTricks, see documentation.
  • logical-markup-utils – contains two packages by Micha? Mas?owski for inserting language-dependent inline quotes and dashes, see README file.
  • figbas – fonts by Bob Tennent for figured-bass notation in music, see README and example.
  • draftmark – putting user-defined draft marks (“watermarks”) on selected pages, by Ahmed Musa, highly customizable, requires the atbegshi package, see documentation and example.
  • tolkienfonts – fonts for writing J.R.R. Tolkien’s languages with pdfTeX, see documentation, by Ariel Barton.

Updates on CTAN:

  • libertine – new version of the libertine font for LaTeX and XeLaTeX)
  • diagmac2 – additional macros and expanded documentation
  • tikz-timing – bugfix, syntax change, some additions and improvements, see Change History in its documentation
  • hyphen-spanish – some fixed patterns
  • tablor – bugfix
  • fonttable – improved aid for font designers and testers, another method for font selection
  • VnTeX – enhanced documentation, bugfixes in fonts, internal improvements
  • pst-math – now able to solve linear equation systems
  • pstricks-add – new macro psTangentLine, matching new pst-math version
  • MetaPost – supporting SVG graphics generation, providing access to PostScript Type1 font curves from within MetaPost, bugfixes, improved manual and tutorial
  • BibTexMng – new features, see README file for the list
  • biblatex-dw – bugfix and improvements, see CHANGES file
  • fge font – fixing garbled dvips output with PostScript version of the font
  • TeXcount – support added for handling Unicode (UTF-8) encoded documents, now being able to handle non-Latin alphabets, providing special options for counting the characters of Chinese and Japanese texts
  • achemso – “email” option to prevent printing e-mails, bugfix for non-superscript citations, improved compatibility to v3.1 configuration files
  • fancytooltips – bugfix
  • CircuiTikz – support added for op-amps, new options arrowmos and noarrowmos for drawing arrows in pmos and nmos
  • svn-prov – new macro DefineFileInfoSVN, defining the version, revision, date and info text of the package, class or file as macros

Information about new packages and updates before Mai 1st (and of course newer too) can be found in the ctan-ann archive.

17. May 2009 by stefan
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