LaTeX news of the past few days

New packages on CTAN:

  • alterqcm – a LaTeX2e package for making Multiple Choices Questionnaires in a table with two columns
  • diagmac2 – John Reynolds’s diagram macros modified to allow arbitrary line slopes, requiring pict2e
  • texdirflatten – a Perl script parsing a (La)TeX source file, recursively following its included children (La)TeX files
    collecting together its components (graphics and BibTeX files etc.) in different directories
  • CircuiTikZ – a package for drawing electrical and electronic networks using pgf/TikZ
  • Turkish intro – the first book in Turkish language describing (La)TeX in detail, discussing basic and important topics and providing examples

Updates on CTAN:

  • svn-multi – bug-fix for v2.1 avoiding if-fi parsing error for beamer and other classes
  • achemso – v3.2 adds tocentry environment for graphics TOC entry, provides easier methods for turning on and off sections and section numbering, brings internal improvements and has reduced dependencies on other packages
  • sparklines – bug-fix of previous version
  • xifthen – bug-fix, spurious space removed
  • nicetext – see documentation
  • glossaries – bug fix in ngerman captions
  • disser – improved natbib compatibility, new page styles, optional exclusion of AMS packages, changed and fixed templates, improved installation
  • mfpic4ode – this new version allows to draw trajectories with prefixes like dashed, dotted, gendashed etc.
  • newlfm – bug fix and feature enhancement
  • oberdiek – bug fix in package reload prevention, adaptations for LuaTeX 0.40 and minor issues

Information about new packages and updates before April 15th (and of course those newer too) can be found in the ctan-ann archive.

Seen on blogs:

Cameron Bracken has published a short style file for a memo header for use with amsart.
Nico Schlömer has published an update of his TeX font error cheat sheet where he has compiled some of the most frequent occuring error messages regarding TeX fonts and ways to tackle them.
Marcin Borkowski discussed typesetting of a list of publication using amsrefs.
Jürgen Fenn has pointed out the publication of the second article of George Grätzer regarding the development of LaTeX in the Notices of the American Mathematical Society, available for download in pdf format.

21. April 2009 by stefan
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